Hidoku Solver

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How to Play Hidoku?
You are given a board with cells, some of them contain a number. One cell contains 1, one cell contains the number that is equals to the number of cells.
Your objective is to fill in the rest of the cells with numbers, such that one of the neighbors (including diagonals) of 1 is 2, one of the neighbors of 2 is 3 and so on.
To start a new puzzle, select the board you want (type - rectangular/hexagonal-beehive and size). The Puzzle Generator will generate a puzzle that has most likely never been played before.

How to Use Hidoku Solver?
Click/Tap on a cell to select it.
Use the keyboard or the number buttons to enter a number.
Use Backspace or the ← button to delete one digit.
Use Delete or the cl button to clear a cell.